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Certificates of Test, Examination, Inspection, Conformity and Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we list the frequently asked questions

Q: [When will start operations]
A: [April 2008]

Q: [How do upload my Certificates?]
A: [We provide you with our software that does it for you. You download it from our web site and install it onto computers within your business]

Q: [Does your software actually generate certificates under my name?]
A: [Yes it can for no additional cost. We have a general layout for simple certificate creation. Bespoke layouts and or automated links into your existing business process software are available at additional cost, please contact us.

For layout changes, if you can send us your existing certificate layout with example data we can give a price by return.]

Q: [How do my customers read and print the Certificates?]
A: [We provide our (free) software that does it for them. They download it from our web site and install it onto as many computers within their business as they wish.

You will need to have entered your customers details into your software and decide a suitable user name and password for them.

They then need to enter this user name and password, the software then remembers it, and they can then quickly search, list, view and print all associated certificates]

Q: [Can my competitors view these Certificates?]
A: [No only if they are also customers and you have associated to them to the certificate]

Q: [Why can't everyone / anyone simply use a web browser and find the information?]
A: [The information is not stored in an public area. It requires our secure reading software to access the locations.]

Q: [Can I publish certificates issued to me by my supplier?]
A: [Yes but you may wish to blur-out / remove confidential information leaving the required test /certificate information.]

Q: [Can I publish certificates issued by my existing software?]
A: [Yes, this is how we started out. Simply print them using freely available PDF creating software, and then associate this to your customer along with the search information (The certificate reference and their reference).

Q: [What file format are the certificates?]
A: [We can allow nearly any format but currently expect the files to be PDF's. They can be made to be secure and most business have a suitable  reader. A short cut to free PDF reading software is available on our web site]

Q: [What size are the certificates?]
A: [Our standard package allows up to 50k per certificate. This is large enough for about a three page document with partial colour and some small graphics. If you require larger simply call us to arrange]

Q: [If I have certificated a batch, do I need to keep uploading the same certificate for different customers?]
A: [No you can simply associated to them the certificate reference]

Q: [If I have a batch certificate associated to many customers can they see the others details?]
A: [No. That information is not available to them]

Q: [How long will the certificate be available to them?]
A: [That depends on you and your requirements and your agreement with us. You can set the default certificate availability for each of your customers as an example some require 3 years others may require longer.]