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Certificates of Test, Examination, Inspection, Conformity and Compliance

Security is very secure

Your clients download (just the once) our secure reading software. The certificates can not be read directly from a web browser.

You decide what user Name and Password to give them.

Having entered these, they are able to quickly and easily find and print certificates relating to them.
Your competitors get no access to anything unless they are also customers and then they also can only see certificates relating to them.

Your certificates must be safely housed on robust secure servers that are located in secure installations.

Having unique security encryption on all login details and each different customer account has enabled us to now offer security encrypting for all of the documents themselves as well. This removes the weakness of complex expensive and potentially flawed encryption systems when the key has to be passed somehow to and stored safely by the recipient.

We have partnered with Web Fusion for over the last 8 years  to provide internet services. They are owned by GX Networks, formally PIPEX before they sold their domestic services arm to Tiscali.

The servers used for are:

Operating system

Our Data Centre


Our dedicated electricity supply was designed and installed to meet our diverse electrical needs. Power is routed through our lightning protection system, Generator changeover panel and redundant UPSs before getting to the servers. This ensures that all power to the servers is supplied at a smooth rate.


Two Uninterruptible Power Supplies protect our network in case of power failure. Should the power to our network fail, our high power UPS automatically kicks in to take the load of all the servers and network hardware.


As our second line of defence against power failure we have installed 2 industrial generators, capable of supplying enough electricity to our entire data centre and office area for an indefinite period of time. This means that in the event of a major utility power failure your web site will still be available.

Lightning Protection

To guard against the threat of lightning (which could send spikes through the electricity supply and damage servers) we have installed a Furse lightning protection system. If an illegal spike is detected the system automatically takes this spike and destroys it. This system provides protection between all sets of conductors (phase to neutral, phase to earth and neutral to earth) ensuring total protection and closing all transient paths to equipment.

Network Monitoring

We use Cisco 7206VXR routers and Enterprise Alpine 3808 switches. Should one of these network components fail, our network will carry on with no degradation in speed or reliability.

Fire Protection

Should a fire break out in the data centre then our FM200 Fire Suppression System will be triggered, in seconds FM200 gas will be released into the room extinguishing the fire. FM200 is a computer friendly gas that will not harm computers or leave a residue.

Air Conditioning

The data centre is equipped with sophisticated air conditioning systems set at 20 degrees C and 50% relative humidity to ensure the system operates as efficiently as possible.

Water Detection

In the unlikely event that water leaks into the data centre then sensors throughout the area will detect the leak and sound the alarm to our network operations centre staff.




Our data centre is home to thousands of servers including Sun, IBM, Compaq, Dell and HP servers.

Sun Cobalt RaQ

We host more Sun Cobalt RaQs in our data centre then any other hosting company in Europe. We have a special relationship with Cobalt Networks (a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems) that allows us to provide cutting edge support and service.


High Security

Our data centre was constructed with security in mind. Access is restricted by proximity reader access that records all access to the data centre, and it is monitored by CCTV at all times.