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Certificates of Test, Examination, Inspection, Conformity and Compliance


We are live

Our service commenced, as scheduled, in April 2008

Top Stories

  • New and More Powerful Servers for 2012
    We have recently moved all our clients onto new servers which offers even faster downloads with robust and secure performance.   
  • Health and Safety Officers are Delighted. J.A.V Grazebrook & Co Ltd customers are delighted with the new service. It is becoming an exciting talking point for many of our customers Health and Safety Officers.
    J.A.V Grazebrook & Co Ltd have select our rolling one year at a time  and 7 years availably service.
  • Proxy Servers and Firewalls. Testcertsonline has been enhanced to enable it to be used behind most corporate Proxy Servers and firewalls.
  •  Full Document Security Encryption. To meet the demands of other industries like the legal profession, accountancy and the public sector, not only will the data, access to documents, folders and passwords be security encrypted but shortly all the uploaded documents can be security encrypted as well.